5 December 2010

A Rock and Roll Christmas!

We had a smashing start to putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend.

Andy was moving the television when it fell off the stand and smashed on the floor. He quipped that smashing a television set is very rock and roll, hence the title of this post!

We now have a small spare television installed and will have to hit the January sales. Andy's been after a flat screen television for ages... Hmm. Did the television jump or was it pushed?!

We were both pretty shaken actually. Thank goodness the boys weren't anywhere near it.

Anyway, we finally put up our decorations. This is the first year since Presley could move by himself that we have dared have a full size Christmas tree. We let the boys decorate it and (surprise surprise) it looks like it has been decorated by toddlers! Presley and Cash were so excited. A little too excited perhaps. I have already threatened to take it down if they play with the tree decorations!

I posted about our decorations last year, so here are some photographs of this year's new additions.

If you fancy taking a look at some more decorations - or if you want to show yours off - the lovely Liz at Violetposy is hosting her annual tour.



  1. Won't let hubby read this and get any ideas about breaking our tv so he can get his 50 inch plasma. LOL

  2. Lovely decorations. Sorry to hear about your TV though :(

  3. My daughter pulled our telly off the stand when she was about 3, she had climbed up onto the tv cabinet and managed to pull it off. Luckily she was unhurt, but the telly was scrapped, however we claimed on the house insurance - can you do the same perhaps?

  4. Love the cheeky looking snowman!!

    Was tv pushed or did it fall???? Perhaps we will never know!!

  5. Sorry about the TV :( But what cute decorations anyway!

  6. Sorry to hear about your TV, but I really like your wooden santas. x

  7. Thank goodness everything was alright when the TV fell they are heavy! Have a look on Amazon we got ours there pretty cheap. However that aside - LOVING your Christmas decorations, the berry star is just gorgeous, as are the Santa Russian dolls. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for joining in the tour xx

  8. Oh no! That is one of my nightmare scenarios. But we do put up full size trees.

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  10. Oh no your poor tv but glad everyone is ok. Loving the decorations. x

  11. Everything looks so beautiful! Please come over to my flat and decorate for me! Lovely to meet you on Wednesday.

  12. Sorry to hear about the telly, but like you say, hopefully you can get a good deal in the January sales.

    Your decoration photos are fab! And those little Santa dolls are brilliant, although I bet my toddler would want to play with them all the time. :)

  13. Not good about the TV but love the Russian doll Santas - divine.

    Mich x

  14. Love your decorations - it might help me find my festive mojo!
    Meantime, merry Christmas and a happy new telly.

  15. I love your russian doll santas they look very cheery!

    Bad luck about the telly. Hopefully you can pick up a flat screen one in the January sales?

  16. May as well go 3D with the TV. It will save you money in the long run as you won't need to have another accident in a year or two!

  17. Huge apologies for being so slack with my replies. I'm just winding down for Christmas now and will try harder in the new year.

    Still no new television, but the sales are just around the corner.

    The Russian Santas are from Yellowmoon.org.uk and are now in the sale. Typical!

    Merry Christmas x


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