7 June 2009

What is a Stargate?

We have a 'To Do' list in the kitchen. It's a white board split into HIS jobs and HER jobs. My list is always longer than his. We're both guilty of neglecting our duties, for instance one of my 'To Do's is "Child Trust Fund". Yes, I know it's free money AND the baby is 9 months old now, but I'm not exactly missing out on much interest! I'll get round to it soon. Honest.

One of HIS jobs is to fit a gate at the top of the stairs. We bought one months ago, but it's been hidden behind the yukka in the office! Although the toddler is still in a cot, at 21 months he's a good climber. It's only the Grobag that keeps him in the cot. With the warmer nights it will soon be too warm for the extra layer and I'm concerned that he'll climb out and of course fall down the stairs.

This morning Andy said to me "What's a stargate?". I had to laugh. It's been on the board for ages. He must have wondered what it was before now.

I'm delighted to say that after a lot of drilling and a little swearing we now have a gate at the top of the stairs. I'm sure we'll cherish it for years to come. Although whether it will take us to new worlds remains to be seen!



  1. He he! My 3 year old has just learned how to open the stairgate which allows baby to escape up the stairs! x

  2. Wow, a whole new world awaits at the top of the stairs! That could be fun...

  3. hahahaha :) i really wondered where you were going with the post title - then it clicked :)

    note to self: baby is only 7 weeks old, but maybe i should start harassing the daddy about a stargate NOW! :D

  4. We had our child trust fund statement through and we just could not believe how much it's gone down. I wouldn't worry about putting that little job off.

  5. Lol I have a to do list as well and child trust fund is on the top of that!!! i have all the forms and have chosen where its going but still haven't done it!!

  6. I gave up on the stair gate when I realised I was getting the kids to open it for me when I was carrying too much stuff!

  7. How funny! Yeah we had a stairgate for our first and the worst thing was we had it ready to put up, but hadn't quite got round to doing it..and then our little baby fell down the stairs. She was fine, but I was totally traumatised and felt so guilty for not having done it. So well done you (and hubby) for getting round to doing it before any accidents. Having said all that, we never put one up for the second (we were just more vigilant) and she learnt to use the stairs much quicker which was a relief when we went to other people's houses who didn't have stairgates!

  8. "what's a stargate?" that's a classic! Sounds just like my husband, would rather not know than have to undertake in the job!!

    CJ xx

  9. Thanks for all your brilliant comments xx

    Clarey - Yes, it's only a matter of time before he works it out, but at least he can't fall down the stairs when he's half asleep!

    The D - I'll let you know!

    Miss L - Ha! I realised after I posted it that I hadn't spelled it out. Yes, put it on your 'To Do' list now :-)

    Mary T and NM - Yeah, it's not something I can get that excited about either!

    BiB - LOL I'm sure it won't be long before he works it out!

    MT - OMG, I'm so glad baby was okay, luckily they are quite bouncy when they're small! That's a good point about other people's houses, mind you we still have to watch him like a hawk anyway :-)

    CJ - It took him a few months but he got there in the end. I think I made him feel guilty!

  10. OMG not done the trust fund thing either!!!!! Mind you the other two funds have come down so much. I'm still decorating my hall...it's only taken 3 yeasr so far ;)

  11. Katherine, that its so funny. We moved into our house 18 months ago and haven't even started decorating any of it. And the decor is so not to our taste, in fact it's hideous. Maybe when the boys go to school.... :-)


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