18 September 2013

Monkeys will wreck your car

My Dad would never take us to Woburn Safari Park. He said,

"I'm not having those f***ing monkeys wrecking my car".

He was quite precious about his cars. You'd have thought he'd got over that when, aged four, I suffered from car sickness all the way from Bedfordshire to Cornwall. Not so. No monkeys on our car, ever...

Fast forward thirty-nine years, and when a friend suggested taking the children to Woburn Safari Park I jumped at the chance.

The entrance fee was £50 for myself and two children. We took a picnic, that we ate on blankets next to our cars, and spent the day at the Park.

We started our foot safari by swanning about on the lake in pedalos. This was the right thing to do, as there were huge queues later in the day. We loved the new meerkat enclosure. The foot safari is best punctuated by feeding times and animal talks. We adored the penguins and sea lions, and the Birds in Action display. You can venture in with lemurs and squirrel monkeys and stroke the goats. There are plenty of places to play, including a bouncy castle for the little ones and soft play for the more adventurous.

After a train ride, and the obligatory visit to the shop, we headed back to our cars for the Big Safari.

The car safari takes a leisurely hour. You drive through herds of rhino, zebra and giraffes, before going in with the big cats and the bears. There is so much space for the animals, but we were able to see everything. I absolutely LOVED it. I tried to convey to Presley and Cash just how awesome it was to see these animals this close.

Finally we got to the f***ing monkeys.

This part of the safari is optional, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. One inquisitive chap jumped from car to car until he got to ours. He then stayed on for slow ride, much to the delight of the boys, before leaping over to the next car. He didn't do any damage to our car - of course, and we knew better than to try to feed him.

We loved our day at Woburn Safari Park and give it the Baby Baby Thumbs Up.




  1. I so want to 'do' Woburn (although I suspect the children would be going "not another photo mummy") all the way round. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    1. @Jenny, it's amazing. I'll go with you and we can go round as slow as you like with cameras :)

  2. To be fair to your dad I'm sure the monkeys have calmed down from what they were like.

    Aww it's such a lovely memory though, and one that made me smile. I'm glad you got to go on a lovely day out and (sort of) take him with you (if that makes sense xx)

    1. @Pinkoddy, maybe they have. I think it's just if you feed them they go a bit nuts. It's funny, I hadn't thought about my Dad in that way. I think I do carry him round with me :) x


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