14 February 2013

What is the point of... Valentine's Day?

It's time for a new feature here on Baby Baby.

Let me introduce to you to 'What is the point of...?'

I have a massive list of things I can't see the point of, starting with today, Valentine's Day.

When I was at school, the run up to Valentine's Day was exciting. I'd spend ages making a card for the object of my affection. Doilies cut into heart shapes featured heavily. I'd hide my initials somewhere in the design, just in case the lucky recipient was determined to find out who his secret admirer was.

On the day I'd slip the card onto his desk or into his bag. Then I'd wait. One year my target was a boy called Rodney (note to self: Facebook him, see if he's still alive/gorgeous). He blushed when he opened the card, then put it in the bin. The swine.

I'd wait all day for someone - anyone - to give me a card. They never did. I'd rush home and oh-so-casually ask if there had been any post for me. There never was. The first time I received a Valentine was when I actually had a boyfriend on 14th February, I was 14. I made him the full lace doily card complete with declarations of love. His card contained a rude joke and a question mark. We split up soon afterwards.

As an adult I've seen Valentine's Day grow into a commercial event. Restaurants charge inflated prices while old married couples sit in silence, occasionally tutting at the service. Flowers, chocolates and cards are there to be bought. I once received two dozen red roses at work. Yes they were stunning, but my boyfriend at the time was massively in debt and couldn't afford them. I'd rather he saved his cash, but I guess you're either a saver or a spender.

Andy and I have bought small gifts for one another. I made him a card, no doilies this time, but it feels like we're going through the motions. We're in love, but we don't need to spend an arm and a leg to prove it.

I'd happily say goodbye to Valentine's Day - Pinterest wouldn't drown under a sea of hearts for a start.

Valentine's Day doesn't do anything for me and I can't see the point of it. What about you?




  1. I love hearts, but we do not really celebrate valentines, apart from a card and a box of maltesers. But I do love crafting, so take the opportunity to do some with the boys!

    1. @Jen, I saw your Boden hearts, they look fantastic!

  2. I always thought Valentines Day was supposed to be the day you reveal your love to someone who didn't know about it before. We don't celebrate it. I did laugh at your Pinterest comment :-)

    1. @Damson Lane, yes, it's changed - sadly. Re Pinterest, give me hearts over pumpkins any day though, I really really don't do Halloween!

  3. I wrote something similar. I don't really get it. Just an excuse for the retail industry to well more. Not that I'm cynical of course :)

    1. @It's a Mummy's Life, cynical is good. I think VD (arf) has changed.


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