12 December 2012

How To Do... Super Speedy Wrapping

Have you always wanted to know how to become a super speedy wrapper?

Watch this:

The PTA Christmas Shop, 700 presents wrapped using handbands:

3M Products used in this vlog:
Scotch Pop-up Tape Handband Dispenser
Scotch Comfort Scissors 20cm

If you like stationery take a look at the 3M shop. I've been trying out loads of different products recently, the double sided tape dispenser is perfect for card making.

Scotch currently have a weekly mystery gift giveaway on their Facebook page. For all the info and for some clues to the answers check out my It's a Wrap post.

Disclosure: Scotch are paying me to wrap my Christmas presents (on video). I have to wrap my Christmas presents anyway, so yay.


  1. I love the Scotch Tape Handband Dispenser. It is amazing and me so much time over the last year. I did all my wrapping today and it took a fraction of the time that I usually spend wrapping everything up x

    1. @Carolin, yay, another handband devotee! x


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