2 October 2012

Review: Dot Com Gift Shop

I first heard from Dot Com Gift Shop a couple of years ago. They compiled a list of their favourite bloggers and sent us all a mug (that I still use for my first cup of tea of the day) - with no obligation or expectation to write about them.

I liked this approach and started shopping with them. They sell gifts and items for the home. Their sales are excellent. I've bought quality party bag items for pennies and stocked up my present box.

Earlier this year they asked me if I'd like to become a member of their blogger network. This would involve reviewing items (of my choice) and a very nice discount code. How could I refuse?

I was fed up of having to change my cotton tablecloths every day due to spills, so I'd been looking for a wipeable table cloth. Dot Com Gift Shop sent me this Vintage Leaf Wipeable Tablecloth.

It's brilliant, so easy to wipe and keep clean. It's perfect for family meals at our kitchen table. It's £24.95 and I think this is good value. It's been on my table now for a couple of months and still looks brand new.

Dotcomgiftshop.com is an easy website to navigate. It's also worth signing up for their email alerts. You will only get a monthly newsletter showing new products and what other people are buying. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.


I hate to mention the C word, but it really will soon be Christmas. I've just had a look at the Dot Com Gift Shop Christmas range and I WANT IT ALL.


It's a 50's Christmas house advent calendar and it's less than £20.

You can also find traditional, kitsch, vintage and Scandi Christmas decorations.

Look at these cute glass baubels for £5.95. I need these on my tree this year.


Finally, to save me receiving another man's towel*, here is my Christmas list:

* You know when a relationship is coming to an end? It's when your partner thinks you would like a practical present for Christmas. You receive a parcel containing something soft. Could it be that fawn cashmere pashmina you saw in John Lewis? No, it's not. It's a man's bath towel. My worst ever Christmas present and my worst ever Christmas. Reader, I dumped him.




  1. Oh, fab! Going to have a look am looking for an advent calendar like that.



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