20 August 2012

My Olympics in Words and Pictures

I'd been looking forward to the London 2012 Olympic Games for years. I was living in Sydney in 2000 and know how much an Olympic Games can make a city sparkle.

London 2012 did not disappoint. From the utterly brilliant Opening Ceremony to the stunning performance from Team GB, we loved every second of it.

We had tickets for the Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards Parade and Athletics at the Stadium in Stratford. We were lucky enough to see Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake in the men's 200m heats.

We shouted ourselves hoarse cheering our Olympians on the television. We cried A LOT. Life was put on hold for 17 special days.

The legacy of London 2012 is to inspire a generation. My children are inspired. They were mesmerised by the diving and the rowing and the dressage, cheering on Team GB, learning about other countries. They now want to try every sport. They roll around the carpet doing 'gymelastics'. Every day they ran and cycled around the garden in their own junior Olympics. We had medal ceremonies. We did the Mobot.

We are looking forward to taking the whole family to the athletics at the Paralympics, being part of something huge, waving our flags. It's not over yet.



  1. The Olympics were nothing short of wonderful, and I didn't even get to see any live sports!

    1. Babes, they really were amazing. It's funny, when we were heading into London to see our events we found it difficult to leave our televisions. We didn't want to miss anything. I loved finding out about our triathlon medals over the tannoy at Kings Cross station. People stood and clapped. Fabulous stuff.


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