16 July 2012

Jesus Christ

Are you watching the Jesuses?

The Good Lord (Andrew Lloyd Webber) is searching for superstar, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Last night was the first live show. Great, I thought. That's my weekly hour of television sorted. Then I found out that it's on EVERY NIGHT. I guess I'd better get used to the television being on every night, what with the Olympics just around the corner.

I miss Graham Norton as host. Graham wouldn't look as uncomfortable in his outfit as Amanda Holden did last night. Also he would have made more jokes. All Amanda could manage was to call the youngest competitor Baby Jesus.

The panel were pretty good value. Andrew knows his stuff, and wears natty shirts. Dawn French drooled lasciviously over the talent and made the younger contestants squirm with embarrassment. The Poundland Gary Barlow, Jason Donovan, was constructive and positive. My favourite was my mate, Melanie C. She will play Mary Magdalene opposite Jesus, so she has a vested interest in the winner. She made some great comments.

I was super impressed with the singing ability of the Jesuses. Jesuses. What a mouthful. Perhaps it should be Jesii?

My own personal Jesus from last night? Well, it's a toss up between Roger and Tim.

My bottom two? Probably, David and Afnan. I don't know how to love them.

I wonder how each Jesus is going to be eliminated? The Josephs lost their coats and the Dorothys lost their shoes. Surely ITV aren't going to crucify the losers? I'm looking forward to tonight already.

All joking aside, would anyone like to go with me to see Jesus Christ Superstar at The O2 in London? I don't think I could persuade my husband to go. The amazing Tim Minchin is in it. Let's gloss over the fact that the ghastly Chris Moyles is in it. I shall close my ears and eyes for his bits. Who's with me?




  1. I'm really hoping that during the first elimination show they don't say "You could still be Jesus" - hopefully they won't be that disrespectful.

    Btw, have you noticed that one of them looks like Mr Bean? Can't remember his name, but he's a dead ringer for him. I thought the fella who was on last was very good, the one from the Wirral (can't remember his name either!)

    1. NotSupermum, they listened to you. I loved the 'stairway to Heaven'. New favourites, based on last night, David, Rory and Jon.

  2. My husband will undoubtedly go with you - he LOVES this musical. He's just not such a fan of the Lloyd Webber elimination shows.. which gets me off the hook as I don't really want to go and see it again!

    1. Pants With Names, seriously, you'd lend me your husband? Fantastic!

  3. If I am free I would love to go, there is no way my husband would want to go to this one. I haven't been watching the show but I expect I will tune in at some point!

    1. Kelly, what a shame you're not free.

  4. I tried to watch it but Amanda Holden really spoils it for me. Should have been on the beeb!

  5. Gayle Willington20 July 2012 at 19:42

    Hey Sandy,
    Would be up for a trip to the O2 with you!!
    Haven't been to and ALW musical in yonks. Rhys & I went to South Pacific at the local Aylesbury theatre in May, which was pretty good.

    Enjoy the summer hols and all the best with both the boys starting school. What are you going to do with yourself???

  6. OOOO Hello - I am here on your blog via Englishmum - the dreadful poem is mine! I love to find new blogs and can tell from your profile you are my kinda gal! I'm going to follow so I don't miss a post. :)

    1. Hi Rachel, welcome and thank you for the follow :)


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