18 March 2012

Give up Clothes for Good

I wore these Carvela shoes on a hot date with my husband. It was in the early days of our relationship, before we were married.

During the day we had filled a skip with my late father's stuff. I looked towards the sky and said 'sorry, Dad' every time I lobbed something in. That evening we had booked into a nice hotel. We washed away the dust of the day and got ready to go out. I was wearing a black top and skirt, finished off with stockings and my pretty new £60 shoes. As I said, our relationship was still very new.

We strolled a short distance from the hotel to a lovely Thai restaurant. We had a fun, flirty evening. As we set off to walk back to the hotel my feet started to hurt. I suspect Andy thought I was making a fuss, but I insisted we got a taxi back to the hotel. Yes, it was embarrassing to take a taxi such a short distance, but my  toes were covered in blisters.

I can not begin to describe the relief when I took the sodding shoes off in the hotel reception. We then drank far too much red wine and gate-crashed a wedding reception. We managed to dance the night away, with me in my stocking feet.

The Carvela shoes were put back in their box and were never worn again.


In April I will be taking my hardly worn shoes to my local TK Maxx store to be bagged and tagged and sent to Cancer Research to sell in one of their shops to raise money for childhood cancers. The Give Up Clothes For Good campaign is being supported by the Tots100 with a blogging carnival.

If you would like to join in please consider yourself tagged. Simply write a post about a much-loved item of quality clothing that you are willing to give up for charity. Include the links above and maybe embed this YouTube video too. Then email your post to me: sandy [at] tots100.co.uk.


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  1. Love that story! I always donate our unwanted clothes to charity shops, along with books, dvds etc.


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