26 January 2011

Suddenly it all went quiet

Suddenly, it all went quiet

There was no music. No talking. No singing. No laughing. No breathing.

Just terror and urgent red lights, smeared with rain.

I gripped the steering wheel and pressed the brakes as hard as I dared.

We’re not going to stop.

I braked again, this time looking in the rear view mirror at the massive four wheel drive car bearing down on us.

He’s not going to stop.

Also, behind me, my babies sleeping silently, peacefully.

At least they won’t know anything about it.

Praying. Pleading.

Stop. Please stop.

We all stop.

We stop on the wet motorway.

We breathe.

My children are okay.

We all start moving again. Wheels turning on the tarmac. Engines growling.

We unbunch. I unravel.

I cry all the way home. I wipe away my tears in time with the windscreen wipers.

This is another piece written for my creative writing group. We were trying to think of a writing prompt for homework. No one spoke for a few moments, then someone joked 'suddenly it all went quiet'. We decided this was as good a writing prompt as we were going to come up with.

The next day the Calicos had a fairly long trip on the motorway and this is what happened.

Please be careful on the roads, especially at this time of year x



  1. Oh, I know that feeling. It quite shakes you up...

    This was very atmospheric. Great writing, Sandy.

  2. So scary Sandy, so scary. Could so easily go wrong. Drive safely all - and keep your distance.

  3. Ohhh I hate those times Sandy. In 2002 6 cars went into the back of me on a wet road and since then I have been such a scardy.

    Great writing, I was right there with you.

    Mich x

  4. I'm so happy that this is a piece of creative writing - my heart was in my mouth.Very emotive and a good piece of writing.

  5. Great writing you had me guessing what was happening, but i was hooked so had to read on! Glad you are all ok and HELLO!

  6. I am so glad that you are all OK, have beeb there and been oh so scared. xx

  7. Really scary stuff, Sandy. I experience this at last once a week on the motorway to or from work. I see something in front of me or catch something in one of my mirrors.

  8. Bumbling, thank you. I was shaken up, very shaken up! x

    Pants with names, it makes you realise how easily accidents happen x

    Mich, oh dear, that's awful. You're better off being cautious x

    Lauren, thank you. Unfortunately it really happened. The main thing is we were unharmed x

  9. The Dotterel, thank you :-)

    Jane, hello and thank you :-)

    The Mad House, i is horrendous, but we were all okay x

    Nickie, it's terrifying. I used to love driving, but now I see danger everywhere! x

  10. Wonderful, wonderful writing, Sandy. Scary to read. Hope you've all recovered. I'm a learner driver so things like this scare the hell out of me!

  11. Great writing! I'm glad you and your family are ok!

  12. Wow, I was really there--I've experienced this myself but even without that this was a really perfect piece to describe that moment. Ugh. So glad the wheels started turning again. x

  13. Nice writing !
    When I close my eyes I can see and feel it happening, scary...
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  14. Glad you are ok!! Sounds so scary!

  15. Oh! So glad you are all ok. B is commuting 50 miles each way over the hills to Edinburgh at the moment and I spend the hour and a half it takes him morning and evening in a state of suppressed panic.... It's the "what if?" isn't it.....

  16. Wow, that's scary. This really hits home as my mother just survived a major car accident. The roads can be dangerous, especially where she lives. Glad you're all okay.

  17. Rosie, thank you. It is scary out there because, quite frankly, there are a lot of idiots driving cars. I'm sure you drive carefully and considerately. x

    Stacey, thank you and thanks for stopping by :-)

    Michelloui, it is a horrible moment when you think you may not be able to stop x

    Hugo, thank you.

    Emma, thank you, it was! x

  18. Plan B, I know, because usually it's someone else's fault. Fingers crossed for safe journeys x

    Babes about town, lovely to hear from you! I hope your mother is okay x


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