14 May 2009

Everyone else has got one

So this is it. I'm now blogging.  I hate to feel left out and everyone else appears to have a blog. 

Now I've got one I'm not sure where to start, or which path to take. 

It took a long time to decide on the title 'Baby Baby', I imagine I'll mainly be blogging about my life with my babies.  Who knows where this adventure will lead?!



  1. Welcome to blogging!!!

    Love the name, really looking forward to reading your posts x

    When you feel ready join http://britishmummybloggers.ning.com/ its a great way to get your blog read and to find other blogs x x

  2. Hi, just thought I would add a welcome too.

    I remembered when we first started our blog, we were a bit like 'now what' but reading other blogs, and getting involved with the BMB (as New Mummy) says above will get those creative juices flowing.

    I think ours is more of a 'mind dump'- we blog about all sorts, just to get it off our chests... well my chest, I am the ranter, my man is a lot more chilled.

    Anyway. I am now following your blog, and look forward to reading your posts. Good luck with it all ;0)

    ps. our blog is at: http://omgip.blogspot.com/

  3. Hello - I thought I recognised your face from Twitter!! Welcome to the blogosphere. Beware...you'll be sucked in!! It's all good though. Love the name. Look forward to reading your posts x

  4. You decided to go for it then? Good stuff!

  5. Hello

    My name is Katherine & I am a blogaholic. It's seriously addictive and extremely enjoyable! Will pop back soon x

  6. Hey...welcome to the blogosphere! :o)


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