4 February 2014

So I handed the Team Honk Blogger Relay baton to an elephant...

Team MK

I've loved watching, online, as the Team Honk Blogger Relay has made its way around the country, raising thousands of pounds for Sport Relief. Yesterday was the Milton Keynes to Hemel Hempsted leg. I was proud to be part of Team MK.

Two weeks ago we sat in a coffee shop in the shopping centre plotting and scheming. We wanted to do something a bit different and thought about the iconic and the well-known attractions of MK and the surrounding area. We knew we had to include the concrete cows in our plans, they're synonymous with Milton Keynes.

Then we talked about Woburn Safari Park. Claire rang them there and then, told them about the relay and they said YES straight away. They also suggested that the elephant could hold the baton. We'd joked about this before the call and hadn't dared to ask. Oh and we'd need £10m public liability insurance. Details details.

Isn't she beautiful?

An actual elephant holding the baton

Hayley mentioned that she and Gemma could get hold of a unicorn. So we were sorted for cows, elephants and unicorns. The plan was coming together.

On Sunday I met Lizzie and Helen, and their families, who had swum, cycled, run and walked from Cambridge to Milton Keynes. I took the baton and ran around the concrete cows, with my red velvet pants on my head (nice).

Lizzie, Sandy and Helen

On Monday the pants were back on and I ran 4 miles (in 55 minutes, a personal best). I was going to handover to Alyce on her bike, but sadly she couldn't make it, so I hopped in the car and drove to Woburn.

Sweaty Sandy

There's something especially exciting about being in a safari park that isn't open to the public that day. We were introduced to Damini the elephant. We were blown away by her size. I know, I know, elephants are big, but standing next to one makes you realise just how enormous they are. She took the baton. I got trunk slobber on my coat. I love the face I'm pulling in this photograph, a mixture of awe, joy and fear.

Sandy and Damini

Damini also held one of our signs (made by Marissa).

Do as the elephant says...

Hayley and Gemma took the baton and headed off to find their unicorn.

No, it's a real unicorn. As if we'd dress up a horse. Tut tut.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us via our Sport Relief page or donated using the text number. There's still plenty of time left to donate, or join in, either en route with the baton or at one of the many Sport Relief events around the country. The Calicos are all running a mile together next month. That should be interesting...

Huge thanks to Katie and the team at Woburn Safari Park. Claire and I will be taking our families in half term because it is an amazing place to visit, and also to give them some business. We talked to the elephant keepers about the park. The elephants are walked for miles daily and allowed to roam free in the woods and have their own private lake to play in. Not a bad life.


Thank you.




  1. Best photos ever! So glad you enjoyed it and very well done. I'm enjoying watching it too - especially now our bit is over!

  2. Just SO GOOD! An elephant , and actual elephant, I ave been muttering those words all week in disbelief! Thank you so much for getting involved and supporting so much - and for standing by the elephant - I would have had the fear!!!

  3. To an actual elephant. We never in our wildest dreams thought the relay would involve some of things it has. Who could have thought that would include an elephant?!!!

  4. How amazing and very organised of you - an elephant lol

  5. Thanks for the wonderful comments. I still can't believe we pulled an actual elephant out off the bag :)


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