31 March 2013

Happy Easter

I love the Easter cards the boys made at school this week. Such a simple design and loads of fun for them to decorate.

We don't really celebrate Easter, although the 'Easter Bunny' did leave chocolate eggs in the garden for the boys.

We went on a very chilly egg hunt this morning.

Last Easter we were at my in-laws - look, no coats.

This weekend I've been mostly looking forward to the clocks changing and having more light in our lives. There must surely be some warmer weather on the way too. Winter has dragged on for so long and I am sick of living in the same three jumpers - especially the one with the cowl neck that I always spill food on.

Happy Easter, friends.




  1. Happy Easter! I really hope that the warm weather will come soon!

    1. @Otilia, yes, I think we could all do with some sunshine x


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