17 January 2012

Why I'm Glad I Always Carry my Swiss Card

I wasn't a boy scout, but boy am I always prepared.

I'm the woman with the bulging handbag. I've always got a pen, paper, parking money, tissues, water, painkillers, plasters, a mirror, a hair clip, chewing gum, lip balm and hand wipes.

I also always carry my Victorinox Swiss Card. I think I must use one of the attachments every day. If the light is good I'll whip the tweezers out and tidy my eyebrows (apologies to anyone watching me in the nursery car park). If I notice a rough nail, out comes the nail file. I use the scissors for crafting, the blade as a screwdriver - why oh why can't you just change batteries any more? And I'm always finding a use for the pointy thing, most recently freeing a toy strawberry from a toy cup.

My Swiss Card came into its own today. I had to cut myself free from a toilet. Yes, that's right, I was tied to a toilet.

Warning: Only read the next bit if your stomach is strong and you don't mind TMI!

As if having to go for a poo at the supermarket wasn't bad enough, I realised  - while I was sat there - that the ties from my shirt were dangling in the toilet bowl. I tried to gently lift them out and clean them with toilet paper, but they were sodden. Then I remembered I had a pair of scissors on my Swiss Card. I carefully unhooked my handbag from the toilet door and cut the ties from the shirt. I then wrapped them in toilet paper and put them in the bin. I was free!

It was kind of like having to gnaw your own arm off to get free, but not quite so painful.



  1. erm thanks for sharing...erm maybe not

  2. Sandy. You are a legend. I salute you. We've all done something like that, we aren't all brave enough to share!

  3. Eeewwww indeed, handy bit of kit though I carry the traditional army knife but the card is far more chic.

  4. Great bit of kit, my daughter is forever locking herself in toilets, might have to start carrying one! Best light for tweezing is in the car I have found, not sure keeping tweezers in the glove box is a great idea though!

  5. oooh I need one of those. I'm off to check it out.

  6. That's so the sort of thing that would happen to me. I'm off to buy one of them now!

  7. Lol! I read this on my phone when you first wrote it but couldn't comment and it's had me giggling all week, so though I'd come back and tell you that!! Pretty sure that from now on this will be the image I have of you ;-) xx

  8. Ha! I've got a mini swiss army knife on my keyring, it's come to the rescue many times but never in the toilet... yet!

  9. Well, really, thank you all for laughing at my misfortune!

    I'm only joking, I can laugh about it now too... just :)

  10. I've had one of these for years. It was looking a bit worse for wear recently and I lost the toothpick so I bought another. It must be one of the most usefull things I own, I and my partner are always using it.


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