16 August 2011

Reasons to love living in Milton Keynes #2

Ah, summer holidays in Milton Keynes

Playing in the sand.

Making sandcastles

Is it a sand pit?

Hold on a minute,

Milton Keynes is miles from the seaside.

Doesn't mean we can't have a beach.

Free, every day over the summer holidays.

Outside John Lewis in The Centre MK.




  1. Gotta love the indoor beach at The Centre MK, we've been the past couple of years, although it gets a bit yucky towards the end of the summer hols, no sea to wash away the nasties! x

  2. That's really cool. We have a 'seaside' that comes to our Town but only for one week. Glad that you are enjoying life in MK :-) xx

  3. Ah, the memories. I remember when that shoppIng center opened! We lost my brother in that John Lewises when he was about 5. They always had cool stuff in that hall, but the sand is taking it up a notch!

  4. These are great aren't they. We have one of these in our shopping centre over the summer. A lot of fun x

  5. Chris, eww, I hadn't thought of that aspect! x

    Emma, it's such a fun thing to do, especially as we live so far away from the real seaside! x

    Geekymummy, ha! I used to go to the MK John Lewis to do my Christmas shopping for many years, probably from when it first opened - still do!

    Susan, how lovely, it's such a great idea x


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