24 May 2010

The Gallery: Friendship

The theme for the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is friendship.

I initially thought that I would take a photograph of my boys playing together because I hope they will be wonderful friends as well as brothers - especially as they are so close together in age. Unfortunately the tops of their heads is not really an interesting photograph and I don't like to show their faces online. 

This led me to think about my friends. I don't have a large circle of friends, so there are no happy photographs of me on drunken nights out with the girls. I do however have a handful of close friends. 

There is a recent photograph of me with my best friend, but I look awful in it. It was taken at the end of the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show. Amanda was one of the models. She looked fabulous, hair and make-up professionally done. I, on the other hand, had been crying for the last hour and had no make-up left on. The less said about my home hairdressing attempt the better!

But, because she looks so amazing and I still cry when I remember how proud I was of her on that night, here it is:

This friendship is so important to me that I'll publish a photograph of me after I've been crying - a lot!

We've both been through a great deal since we met (at work, 15 years ago), but we've always been there for each other. I love you Amanda, my sister from another mother x



  1. You're really lucky to have a friend like that - and she's lucky to have you x

  2. What a lovely picture, good friends are so precious.

  3. What a lovely post . You are a truly wonderful friend. Amanda x

  4. you are true friends, long may it last, she did look stunning

  5. Good Friends are so precious! Friends can bring back so many memories!


  6. Gosh, that is so lovely Sandy. I'm glad you chose this photo - tears and all

  7. What a great photo, the story behing it is amazing too:) You know you look great, even if you had been crying:) Jen.

  8. Sam, I know :-) x

    Nickie, thank you x

    Geeky Mummy, my mum always says 'true friends are like diamonds, precious and rare, false friends are like poppies, found everywhere' x

    Amanda, xxx

    The Mad House, I can't see it stopping. She did look amazing - actually she always does :-) x

  9. Mel, that's so true x

    Dymphna, thank you x

    Mari, aww, thank you :-) x

    Jen, thank you, but I really don't like that photograph of me!! x

  10. What wonderful ladies you both are. Gorgeous photo.

  11. ah that is really quite lovely. great friendships are simply the best thing in the world.


  12. Such a wonderful post - and the picture is beautiful :)

  13. Barbara, aww, thank you :-)

    Henri, you're right, there's nothing like a good friendship :-)

    Mirka, thank you x

    Bibbleboo, thank you :-)


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