22 November 2009

I'm Cybermum (Apparently)!

I was intrigued by an email I received yesterday from The Independent newspaper. They were looking for opinion from representatives of key female voting groups. They had already defined the groups they were interested in hearing from.

Apparently I'm Cybermum!

Liz at Violet Posy is Worcester Woman
Claire at 20 Something Mum is Pebbledash Woman
Karen at The Rubbish Diet is Let-Down Lady

You can read the full article online here.

We're on a double page spread in the paper today, pages 16 and 17.

We were all interviewed by telephone and we all said a great deal about the political issues that are important to us. This was edited down to a few soundbites and the rest of the page was taken up by huge photographs!

It could be worse I suppose, I think we all came across pretty well.

I gave them insightful political commentary and of course they print my 'Cameron is smarmy' comment.

Ah well, I guess this is my fifteen minutes of fame!

Thanks to Karen for the photo of the Sindy (that's what us media types call the Independent on Sunday)!



  1. I read violetposey's account earlier of it and she wasn't too thrilled by there soundbite quoting either.

  2. The hilarious thing about being 'Worcester woman' was it's possibly my least favourite place on the planet, having been made redundant by a company who's headquarters are there a couple of years back ;) I'm very jealous you were CyberMum xx

  3. Hah hah yes you are! Better to be CyberMum than a CyberMan! x

  4. The best thing about all of this is that it's awoken my interest in politics. My hubby had better watch out as I'll end up boring him to sleep. LOL just like Violet Posy...I too was hankering after the CyberMum...would make a nice change from binwoman :-)

  5. Great post Sandy, thought they could've put our blog URLs in there somewhere!
    Could I possibly pinch your shot of the paper, the brats have killed my digicam the heathens!

  6. I thought that you came across great, I think that there is a preconceived story a lot of the time

  7. well done hun i got my mugshot in the sun talking about the same topic, it was great fun!! seems we're going up in the world lol xx

  8. Great post Sandy.... I thought saying Cameron was smarmy was insightful political comment...you could have said a lot worse.

  9. Yeah, what Lorraine said!
    I used to have a job a couple of years back finding case studies for this paper. I'm glad nobody I interviewed blogged about it!

  10. cybermum? I'd much rather be dalek mum or dr mum if we're going to be called nerdish nonsense. congrats on the piece - glad that mums are playing a part in politics x

  11. Excellent! (Shame about the soundbites, but still...)

  12. Err sorry but did anyone see the piece a page over by Janet Street Porter? What a witch!

  13. Pebbledash worman?! What sort of name is that? Off to have a read....

  14. Well done you x

  15. Heather, it's difficult when you have no control over the copy. You live and learn I think.

    Liz(VP), I was glad I was Cybermum, although I don't go on Mumsnet! x

    Liz(LWK, definitely! x

    Almost Mrs Average, it's made me think about politics more too. :-)

    20 Something Mum, thanks. I did ask (cheekily) if he would put my blog url in. At least he said I had a blog! I pinched the photo from Almost Mrs Average anyway, I'm sure she won't mind! I saw you let rip at JSP!!

    The Mad House, thanks. Yes, there definitely was in this case!

    Amy, I saw your interview, it was excellent. Great photo too x

    Lorraine, haha, I could have said a lot worse, you're right! x

    Linda, thanks. I can understand that now! At least we have right to reply on our blogs, not quite the same readership though! x

    Helen, yay! :-)

    Nixdminx, thanks, I was glad we weren't trivialised in this piece! x

    Mwa, yes, could have been worse!

    Then There Were Three, hehe, I#m glad I was Cybermum!

    Muummmmeeeeee, thanks x

  16. Amy, it's funny, but when I opened the paper in the supermarket and saw a huge photo of myself staring back I quickly closed the paper and blushed. I don't think I'm cut out to be famous!


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