20 August 2012

New Series of Justin's House 25 August 2012

Last weekend we were invited to watch Justin's House live at Media City, Salford. Part of the BBC's summer in the City season, we were treated to live action from Justin Fletcher and Robert the Robot (and Little Monster too). We also saw a brand new episode from series two of Justin's House. 'Little Monster's Birthday'.

The new 23 episode series starts next Saturday, 25th August 2012. The new series is similar to the first, with the notable omission of Dee Livery. I hope there are plenty of female guests to redress the balance.

My children didn't know what to make of Justin's House when they first saw it last year, there were tears, but they soon came round and squeal with delight every time Justin gets a custard pie in the face.

We loved the songs at the end, Justin sang his hit 'Hands Up' as well as children's classics 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' and 'Jelly on a Plate'.  This is Presley (above) joining in with a game of musical statues.

The only thing we didn't like was the catering. It was geared towards grown-ups. I bought the boys a cupcake each because they were ravenous, but they were fancy cupcakes and my children didn't like the mallow fillings or the nut ganache - they fell apart as you ate them. At £2 a pop this was a huge disappointment all round. Well, obviously the cakes weren't completely wasted (ahem).

Apart from that, we had a wonderful time. Before the show we were able to watch Tom Daley at the Olympics on the big screen.

CBeebies had invited us for a buffet lunch where the producers wanted to know our thoughts on CBeebies programmes. Presley and Cash made a serious dent in the fish cakes and huges slices of pizza. It was lovely to catch up with my Northern blogging friends and make some new friends too.

We also got to meet Robert the Robot and Justin Fletcher. They both engaged with the children and posed for  photographs. When my two went up to Justin he made them roar with laughter by trying and failing to shake their hands. They were over the moon to meet their CBeebies favourites.

Afterwards we enjoyed looking around Media City.

Look out for new content on the Justin's House page of the Cbeebies website, this will be available next weekend to coincide with the launch of the new series.

If you would like to be in the audience for any future recordings of Justin's House I'm afraid tickets are not generally available. The audiences for Justin's House are made up from schools, nurseries and children's organisations in the local Salford area. If you live within a 20km radius of Salford Quays, and represent one of the groups mentioned above, then you can enter the next ticket ballot. The details are here and the FAQ's are here. Also keep an eye on the CBeebies Grown-Ups pages.

EDIT: The ballot is now open (applications will be accepted until 30 September 2012)

If you're disappointed not to fulfil the criteria for Justin's House, Justin (& Friends) is touring next year and tickets are on sale now.

Disclosure: We were guests of CBeebies and were given lunch, that's all.


  1. OMG the little one would die for a chance like that. She loves Justin's House. Very jealous!

    1. @TheMoiderer, Justin was brilliant with the little ones, we're very lucky.

  2. i would love to bring my grandson to see justins house as i live in manchester near media city,he is nearly 2 could you tell me what age they have to be thank you


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