17 May 2012

Our Greatest Team Rises

Look, it's Prince William!

I love blogging sometimes.

PR: Would you like to come to a Team GB gala event celebrating the British Olympic and Paralympic Teams?

Me: Yes.

PR: It's at the Royal Albert Hall...

Me: Yes please.

PR: You can meet Sir Steve Redgrave...


PR: There's entertainment too. It's hosted by Davina McCall and John Bishop and features performances by Gary Barlow, Will Young, Melanie C, Spellbound, Kimberley Walsh, Bear Grylls, The Feeling, The Noisettes, Alfie Boe...


PR: Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be in attendance...

Me: You had me at 'Team GB', to be honest.

I was invited as a guest of BP, who last week launched their 'Our Greatest Team Legends Collection'. You can collect 12 medallions, each showing a charming image of a great British Olympian or Paralympian, from BP garages. All profits go to the British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic Association. The first medallion in the series is my mate, Steve.

I had the honour of meeting our greatest Olympian, Sir Steve Redgrave. He was super to chat with, although I have to admit to feeling a little star-struck. The guy won five gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games (in case you didn't know).

On our way to the event we bumped into one of the presenters, the twinkly Dermot O'Leary. If I look a little flustered in this photograph it's because he had his arm round me for ages.

The event was teaming with Olympians past and present and, as promised, it was attended by royalty...

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge eat their dinner whilst I say repeatedly to my 'date' for the evening, Carol, 'I can't believe we're in the same room as them'.

The amazing Will Young.

*Scream* it's Gary Barlow.

I could treat you to the video I made of Tony Hadley singing 'Gold', but nobody needs to hear Carol, Mrs GoonerJamie and I singing along.

Disclosure: I was given two tickets for the show and the PR bought us a glass of wine in the interval.



  1. You understand that, by default, being in the presence of such greatness makes you Royalty in my eyes?

    1. @DomesticGoddesque You made me lol with that comment :)

  2. Oh I am a big fan of the Royal Family. How excited...


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