10 February 2012

Freaky Friday: Shield Bug

I haven't done a Freaky Friday for a while. A quick search of my recent photographs unearthed this weird insect.

I found this brightly-coloured bug on my kitchen table when I was making my Easy Christmas Wreath.

In front of my children I'd say 'look at the pretty mini-beast'. Fortunately they weren't around to witness me recoil in horror and do a Google image search for bugs. As I'm not a huge fan of insects I didn't enjoy this activity, but I was curious. Apparently this is a shield bug. It may also be a stink bug.

I've never seen anything like it and it was in my house.

Isn't it beautiful / I feel itchy just looking at the photograph of it, urgh.*

*Delete as appropriate, depending on whether your children are watching!



  1. Arggggghhhhhh! I would have jumped about 8 feet in the air if I'd found that! Sandy, you are brave taking pictures!

  2. It's a stink bug - whatever you do - don't squish it! They've earned the name for a reason! We've got them here to!

    1. Gigi, I couldn't squish him, but thanks for the warning!

  3. That's a beautiful bug. You could keep it as a pet- although I dont know what they eat!

    1. Zooarchaelogist, I prefer my pets to be small mammals. I'm guessing it eats Christmas trees as that's where I found it!


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