12 January 2011

The Gallery: Sorry, Tara

The Gallery is a weekly feature on Tara's blog, Sticky Fingers. Tara sets a theme and you join in by posting a photograph on that theme and writing about it.

The theme this week is body parts. Yes, body parts.

To me this conjures up all sorts of gruesome images of dismembered limbs. I clearly have an over-active imagination, but I'm afraid that Tara will find my photographs quite gruesome as they are of feet. Tara doesn't like feet. Sorry, Tara.

I've always hated my feet. I have long second toes and a gap between these and my big toes.


I didn't wear sandals until I was thirty years old.

I saw an episode of 'House Party' when I was a child where a woman was talking about an operation she had on her toes. The 'before' photograph showed my toes. For years I hoped I could have this operation. Our family Doctor didn't share my hope. He said I'd make a good ballet dancer. Well, maybe if I wasn't big boned...

As I got older and more comfortable in my own skin I wasn't so worried about my feet. As you get older you realise there are more important things to worry about than what your toes look like in sandals.

Like anomoly scans.

Imagine my delight when we were told that Presley's 21 week scan showed no anomalies. Even more amusing was this close up of one of his feet.

We quipped to our NCT group that at least we knew he was mine.

More special than that is the knowledge that he inherits features from his late grandfather and late uncle. Both my Dad and my brother had these feet too.

This is my darling baby on the day he was born.

This is a close up a couple of weeks later.

I love these feet.




  1. I have toes like you! The gap, the long toes & everything! So does my sister and my son. You are not alone! I have hidden them away for years but not anymore! I now pretty much only wear flip flops and paint my toenails ridiculous colours. I am learning to love my feet!
    Baby feet are the most adorable things in the world. Sam's 2.5 now and I still kiss his gorgeous big toes everyday. Although I would never touch anybody's else's. *shudder*

  2. Isn't it amazing how we inherit features like that from our family? Great post with some lovely photos to show off the family feet!

  3. I think it's pretty cool - it's like you are flipping the bird with your feet. ace.

  4. Brill post, so sweet that baby has got "the feet" too x

  5. Haha.....what a beautiful post! X

  6. How lovely - exactly your feet but tiny xx
    qwerty mum

  7. It's funny cos my Granddad and my dad both had a little toe that bent over the one next to it. I inherited that trait but had it straightened at 11. Interestingly, neither of my children seem to have got it so maybe it was just having wide feet.

  8. *love* this post. there's something very special about seeing a little bit of you in a perfect tiny person xx

  9. Bless! Like mum, like baby. How very cute.

  10. Oh how lovely is that?! I look at my kids and try to see if they have any bits of me but there's no doubt here! Lovely post! x

  11. Hey, like in the Austin Powers movie, you have a "mini me"!

  12. aww, how cute. distinctive feet run in our family too. you should be proud to be different :)

  13. Firstly I think you were standing on the sofa to shoot your own feet? Secondly, I'm sure I read somewhere that longer 2nd and 3rd toes were seen as signs of extremem beauty in years gone by and Botticelli and other famous Italian artists pianted their woman just so - here's a link to one - http://www.paintingall.com/Alessandro-Allori-Venus-and-Cupid-Oil-Painting-Mannerist.html
    Who's going to argue with some of the worlds most magnificent painters?

  14. I find it adorable that you both have the same feet - let's all be proud of our uniqueness. Hoorah!

  15. That's lovely that you have the same feet! My little ones have a slight curl in their little toes just like their daddy and all of his side of the family. It's what makes us all us isn't it?!

  16. I've always hated my feet, they're too small for my height and really stupidly wide....makes wearing nice shoes a big problem! Only one of my 3 daughters has inherited feet like mine but on her they look sweet :)

  17. This reminds of that weird porno where some bloke got people to film their feet for a few minutes and edited them altogether as he had a foot fetish.I got weird toes too.Short and stubby and the two toes next the big toe are joined half way up.

  18. I LOVE this post. LOVE it. My babies all have their daddy's feet, so he could never suspect they might be the milkman's.

    Knowing Tara didn't want feet, I entered my old post about my freaky feet. Because I'm nice that way.

  19. Awwwww!!! Thats the first thing that came out of my mouth at the end. Such a lovely, sweet post.

    I too have feet I dont especially like, but because of bunions, which are not only unattractive but painful. I did have an op two years ago but now I have scars! Im used to not caring too much though. ;)

  20. Oh this made me go all soft inside. How wonderful to have something so much like you that you can see everyday. Piran has my eyebrows poor boy!

  21. That is absolutely fantastic!! My feet have always been the brunt of family jokes- I have weird toes and can pick things up with them, have even been known to write with my feet (of a sorts!) but like you I totally love the fact that my kids have the same trait!!!

  22. Hehe, lovely! If you think you have nasty feet, you should see mine *shudder* lol!

  23. I hate my feet too, my toes are really long (good for picking up things with though!). The first thing I noticed when K was born was her big hands and long toes, but I love them, there's just something adorable about baby feet.

  24. Not Such a Yummy Mummy, let's get them out and be proud! :-)

    Mummy Mishaps, I love the expression 'the family feet', I'm going to use that from now on!

    Mummy Squared, haha :-)

    Nic's Notebook, aw, thank you :-)

    Cherished by me, thank you x

  25. Paula, exactly, mini-me :-)

    Kate, only one of mine has the family feet, strange!

    Bumbling, yes, very much so. Cash is the spitting image of his Dad, Andy finds that a bit freaky! x

    Manana Mama, thank you :-)

    Herding cats, thank you, I think so too :-)

  26. Christine, yes, no doubt at all. My MIL spends hours trying to see family resemblances. I'll have to tell her to take off her shoes!

    Gary, yes, exactly!!

    Tiddlyompompom, yes, my dad and brother were proud of their distinctive feet :-)

    Mari, firstly, no, I was sitting with my feet against the arm of the sofa! Secondly, wow, I'm not arguing with them! :-)

    Domestic Goddess Wannabe, yes, I am now :-)

  27. Laura, you're so right, we're all so different :-)

    Things and Stuff, aw, I hope that's always the case x

    Alison, I hadn't heard of that particular 'film'!

    Mwa, thank you :-) It was knowing that Tara didn't like feet that made me think about mine ;-)

    Michelloui, thank you. That sounds painful, I hope the op worked and you're comfortable now x

  28. Kelly, aw, thanks. I'm sure you both have lovely eyebrows :-) x

    Ghostwriter Mummy, ooh, I can pick things up with my toes too. My brother and I used to write with our feet as well. I'll teach my children this in due course! :-)

    Growing my Family Tree, I'm sure they're not that bad, I love the baby foot photo on your blog too :-)

    Make Do Mum, baby feet are the best :-)

  29. Oh my gosh! I also have a gap on my toes, I always complain about it and there are people that'll say ''your toes are so weird!'' etc.... but as you say there are mor eimportant things :) Today I bought sandals and I don't care what other think :D haha I feel better now that I've read your article

    1. @Catalina, I bet your feet look fine in sandals. I'm glad it's not just me! :)


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