9 June 2013

Have you read the Highway Code?

This post has been commissioned by Irwin Mitchell solicitors. I would have written it anyway, bad driving really gets my goat.

I really do wonder whether the majority of drivers on the roads have ever read the Highway Code. They must have learnt it to pass their driving test, but once they passed their tests decided to ignore every single page of it.

Since I've had pneumonia I've been driving the boys to school and back. It's a mile round trip. In that mile I see all sorts of shocking driving. I mean, really truly terrible driving. I'll be glad to get back to regular walking. Well, I say that, but it's amazing how many drivers fail to stop at the zebra crossing - the one right outside the school. Clearly their journey is far more important than mine and they couldn't care less about my life or the lives of my children.

I'm staggered by the number of drivers who fail to give way or just stop without signalling. They park near the zebra crossing and they park on blind bends. They don't give you enough time to park safely, as they edge their cars closer and closer trying to bully you into a road accident. We're all dropping our children off at the same school. Why they feel the need to intimidate other drivers is beyond me.

Quite often when I go out I swear that I'll simply stop driving. I feel like I'm invisible in my car. I think it's because I'm a defensive driver, other driver simply take advantage. If I pull in behind a parked car to give way to the car approaching from the other direction, the car behind me will overtake me and the parked car, forcing the approaching car to make an emergency stop. No wonder the compensation claim is used so frequently.

And don't get me started on people who undertake on motorways and/or use their mobile phones whilst driving. It makes me so cross that these people have so little regard for the Highway Code or the law or anyone else on the road. They think because they are in their cars they are in a self-important bubble and can not let anyone get in their way. I'm getting road rage just thinking about it. Grrr.


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