29 April 2013

Four Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Global Love Day

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Love, and being loved, is such an important part of our lives that sometimes it’s easy to take it all for granted. It’s for this reason that an annual symbolic event, known as Global Love Day has been established, as a day on which we can remind ourselves of how crucial it is to celebrate love and be compassionate to one another – as well as being compassionate to ourselves too.

Taking place on May 1st every year, Global Love Day is intended to bring individuals and communities together across the world to embrace love and be caring, not just on that particular day but throughout the whole year. There are innumerable ways in which you can honour in Global Love Day on a personal level that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face, but here are four simple yet wonderful ways that you can take part.

Hug It Out

Sometimes we all just need a good hug, and on Global Love Day, try to be a little more generous with your hugs than usual. You might not know that hugging helps to release the ‘bonding’ hormone oxytocin, which not only helps to increase feelings of love, trust and happiness, but has been proven to relieve pain and help wounds to heal faster – so make Global Love Day your reason to start sharing more cuddles.

Offer Some Kind Words

Actions may speak louder than words, but on Global Love Day, don’t forget to say some nice things too. Complement a co-worker on their great project, remind your partner how much they mean to you, call your parents for a chat or just tell your friend how great their outfit looks, and you’ll put a spring in their step that will last the whole day through. You can even share some lovely words with friends and family that aren’t close by thanks to personalised greeting cards from Hallmark which say what’s in your heart when you can’t be there to do it in person.

Give a Little Love
Whether you already give to your favourite charities, or have been looking for a reason to begin, donating in the name of Global Love Day couldn’t be more within the spirit of the occasion. You can make a private donation to the charity of your choice, or even better organise a fundraising event in your office or among your friends. Selling cupcakes or cookies, wearing costumes for the day or even setting up a small crafts stall are all easy ways to collect some cash for a worthwhile cause on Global Love Day.

Make a Meal of It
When was the last time that you spent time with your neighbours? Today’s busy lifestyles often mean that we don’t cross paths with our neighbours, and much less become friends with them, so take Global Love Day as a reason to change that. Invite your nearest neighbours over for a cuppa, or even dinner, and if you have any elderly neighbours that might not be able to make it over, deliver it to their door. It’s a tasty and thoughtful gesture that’s sure to get everyone talking.


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