5 February 2013

25 Years of Comic Relief

This is me (and my best mate, R) 25 years ago today.

Dear Diary...

5th February 1988
COMIC RELIEF DAY. It's finally here!!! All the 6th form came in fancy dress today (apart from Adam the STIFF). We went to the hall and all had our picture taken together. I hope it comes out. Kath looked really stupid dressed up as a pea pod. The rest of us looked cool though. I was Cinderella and R was a nun. Kitty was Prince Charming so we stood together a lot. We all got our fancy dress costumes from Ooh Fancy. We're going to take them back tomorrow on the bus. £9 is a lot of money for one day, but it was worth it. We had a brilliant day. I can't wait to watch the show tonight. R is coming over with a bottle of Liebfraumilch. I'm going to video all the comedy sketches.

6th February 1988
I feel like a stupid idiot. R and I cried when we saw the films from Africa last night. We should have all given £10 each to Comic Relief instead of getting those fancy dress costumes and only putting £1 in the bucket. The sketches were funny though. The Young Ones were B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T.


I can't quite believe that was 25 years ago.

Back then I believed that the world's problems could be solved by occasionally giving to charities like Live Aid and Comic Relief. This didn't happen, but not through lack of trying. I'm now appalled that the 'haves' don't give the 'have-nots' enough. There is still poverty, war, hunger and disease BUT the money raised by charities like Comic Relief does help.

Today my fellow bloggers, #TeamHonk (Annie, Penny and T), are in Ghana with Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, Jane Garvey and Comic Relief. They are visiting projects funded by Comic Relief. It's not often you get to see where and how your money is spent, but already they have reported back from bakeries, schools and clinics.

I am eagerly awaiting my digital postcard from #TeamHonk and I'll share it with you when it arrives.





  1. Thanks so much for posting about #GoodWork

    #TeamHonk have been blown away by all the support.

    I love this post!! And that you have your diary from back then. Incredible

    1. @Mummy Barrow, my pleasure. Reading your accounts of the projects really brought home that the money we donate is doing good.

  2. Oh my! This is from an actual diary - how cool that you still have it and that you supported back then and again now x

    Thank you!

    1. @Mammasaurus, I am the world's biggest hoarder. We cleared out the garage last weekend. Nothing has made it to the bin yet.

  3. Is this really from your diary - that's amazing x

    1. @Cass, pretty much, I did edit it to focus on the Comic Relief bits. x


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