11 January 2013

I'm Nuts About the Sales

If you'd been wondering where I'd been hiding since Christmas and you guessed 'at the sales', you'd be spot on.

I've been to (sing along with me if you ever listened to Chiltern Radio) Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, shopping with style, but I much prefer sitting at home with a cup of coffee searching the sales online.

One of my favourite sales is at the Dot Com Gift Shop. There are currently 42 pages of bargains. You can filter by category and price band, but you can't sort items by price low to high (sort it out, DCGS). It is worth looking at everything in the sale because they have some amazing bargains.

Last year I bought everything I needed for the contents of the boys' birthday party bags, including tubs of 36 pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and jigsaw puzzles for £1.29 per child.

This year I've bought a stash of Spaceboy multi 10 colour pens for 29p each. I've also bought a couple of large recycled storage bags for £2.95 each. These are perfect for storing toys or clothes.

Another use for my new storage bags will be holding onto stock for the 2013 PTA Christmas Shop. I've bought frisbees for £1.00 each and umbrellas reduced from £12.95 to just £1.29.

Of course I waited until my sales order had been delivered before telling you lot about it, but don't worry, I've left you some goodies.

Disclosure: I am a Dot Com Gift Shop blogger and have been offered a mystery gift for mentioning the sale. My enthusiastic gushing about the bargains available is genuine though.

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